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An Ode to Ewes

Ok guys, time for a cheese pop quiz—what do pecorino, feta, roquefort, manchego, cabrales, abbaye de belloc, kasseri, haloumi, & roncal all have in common?

If you answered “I want to eat them all,” keep reading. And if you answered that they’re all made of yummy sheep’s milk because you already adore the ewe, it sounds like you might be interested in reading on, too.

For a good time, call these guys.

For a good time, call these guys.

See, we’re going a little crazy over sheep cheeses at the shop lately, and it isn’t just because we think they’re the best (though some of us do). The reason you’ll find more sheep cheeses on our wall right now than any other time is because of the intrinsic seasonality of this woolly ruminant. Continue reading

5th Annual Vermont Cheesemakers’ Festival


After you pass the entrance gate at Shelburne Farms, a certain suspension of disbelief becomes utterly necessary. As the road winds along, alternating between pavement, dirt, & gravel, the sheer wealth of the color green hits you hard while pristine yet ancient mansion barnhouses appear around each bend. Just as you’re trying to snap a photo of a row of cows in shady stalls that you swear are smiling, the dense rows of jade green summer foliage give way to a shimmering body of water that starts just feet from the road, with a simple row of pebbles where a beach would be. That body of water is the Shelburne Bay off of Lake Champlain, and despite sensory evidence to the contrary, this place is very real. Continue reading