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The Crop Circle Chronicles: Part 1

tomatilloSQUAREThe local food movement is so ubiquitous these days, even brands like Welch’s have worked American farmers into their ad campaigns. With a trend that so vastly alters our edible landscape, it’s no wonder you see food start-ups appearing around every turn (as a buyer at AP, keeping track of all these exciting newbies can consume entire work days).

But it’s certainly a gamble, and for every micro-batch granola company or backyard apiary that breaks even, there are several that struggle to barely turn a profit. High cost is no stranger in the average gourmet shop, but when an aspiring entrepreneur is juggling the price of cooking supplies, facilities, packaging, marketing, staffing and more, sometimes no amount of return on these investments can pull them out of the red.

A bleak situation, but not one without hope. Enter Crop Circle Kitchen, a Boston-based communal kitchen & business incubator the likes of which are appearing across the country. The concept is simple—small-batch hot sauce chefs, chocolatiers and food trucks work side-by-side in a cooperative space, rubbing elbows and sharing costs to make a dent in one of the most expensive aspects of a food start-up—the kitchen. Continue reading