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AP’s Annual Feats of Strength

Once a summer, our store endures a whirlwind weekend of high-stakes cheese battling, 70-mile bike riding, and gourmet-sample-gorging so intense that we don’t want to look at food for days. For a crew that engages in light cheese battling every week, samples products every other hour, and bikes to work every day, we ought to be pros at this by now. But, as in years before, it proves simultaneously thrilling and exhausting.

All this went down about a week ago, when shop owner Andy and cheese buyer Mike rode their bikes from Boston to the Cape for an MS fundraiser while our other owner Matt partied hard at the 3rd Annual Cheesemonger Invitational, then met up with me at the Mast Brothers Chocolate factory for a tour, before walking the floor at the Fancy Food Show, home to many of our makers for the weekend (main snaps go to the rest of our staff, though, who stayed home to make sure the store didn’t fall apart). Continue reading

AP Bites the Big Apple (and some big cheese)

We don’t know about you guys but our crew at AP has never been more ready to crack open a Night Shift & possibly set off illegal fireworks—and it’s not just because shop owner Andy did his annual 150-mile bike ride up the Cape this weekend.


No, the past few days have also marked our second year of participation in the Cheesemonger Invitational in Long Island City and our first year attending the New York Fancy Food Show. And because these events were just as overwhelming as they sound, I’m going to tell you guys the weekend’s highlights in a format that keeps my giddy rambling to a minimum (note that I did not promise to refrain from it altogether). Continue reading