We are unabashed carnivores, so we insist on carrying the finest cuts of the finest grass-fed meat. Filet, sirloin, ribs – we have it all.

We specialize in holiday and special orders. Planning a pig roast? We can get you the whole hog, or goat, venison, even wild boar. We offer Vermont-raised turkeys, local rabbit and duck, plus exotic meats like buffalo and ostrich from across the country. These aren’t mere novelties. Ostrich, for example, is amazing: lean, rich, and packed with so much protein you can almost taste it.

Still, if you prefer to keep it plain and simple, ask us about our pasture-raised ground beef from Hardwick Beef in Vermont. Honestly, this stuff will completely redefine your conception of the hamburger.

From steak to cold cuts, we ensure that none of the meat we serve has ever been in contact with artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. As we search out the highest quality meats, we change our selection often, so be sure to stop in and ask us what we have in store.