American Provisions offers unique, farmstead, artisan cheeses, and we highlight local, limited-production cheese makers. These are often small family farms hand-making cheese in small batches. Some are made only an hour away. They are so fresh it almost tastes like you’re eating them on the farm.

We believe in supporting local businesses, and we regularly visit these producers so we can see and touch the wheels we offer our customers. In many cases we know that only real, natural ingredients are going into these cheeses because we literally see the cows, goats and sheep that are producing the milk.

This isn’t merely a philosophy. It’s about quality as well. When you combine cheese-making skill with humanely raised animals, it’s an incredible thing. The smoked toma coming out of Robie Farm in New Hampshire is a perfect example, a local rendition of a classic Italian cheese that stands up against the best of the old world.

Of course, the old world does produce some unbelievable cheeses of its own, so we search out the best of France, Italy, England and Spain. Aged Parmigiano-Reggiano, for example, only comes from one place in the world. Whether it’s local or international, every cheese in our shop is special, and every cheese has its own story. Stop in and ask us about them yourself.