We put our every effort into stocking the most local, hand-crafted foodstuffs, so it’s essential that our beer & wine offerings meet or exceed these same standards.

The brewers & vintners we’ve chosen to highlight are using old-world methods, often hand-picking or locally sourcing their grapes & grains. They are using wild, spontaneous fermentation for unique, outstanding flavor profiles. They are focusing on a return to proper techniques such as oaking or lagering that are often bastardized in mass-produced product. Above all, these are folks who put care into not just the fermentation of their ingredients, but the growing of them.  Many of our local brewers use grain grown with care in Massachusetts, while plenty of our wines hail from biodynamic vineyards, where nature sustains itself without the use of chemicals.

In short, we don’t just want to offer you something to wash down the cheese with. We want to give you the same nuanced knowledge of these grapes & hops as we offer with our curds & whey. And because we stock seasonal beer & wine, the relationship to our cheese is undeniably intermingled. When the soil of a particular region can feed both that land’s animals and its grapes, a beautiful thing occurs. Suddenly pairings deal not only in flavor, but in the origins & environmental conditions that produce each harmonious item. Please ask us about which wheels jive with which bottles—we work hard to find these seamless combinations and are always anxious to talk match-ups with you.

We host weekly tastings at the shop from 5-7pm—please stop by Thursdays to try the beers we’re excited about and Fridays to taste our favorite wines!

If you like to think outside the box with your beer or wine drinking, sign up for our Beer or Wine of the Month club! You’ll receive a hand-picked selection of rare, unique and above all delicious beverages each month, accompanied by the appropriate edibles. Membership is available in three or six month packages. If you’d like to sign up, call the shop and we’ll get you started right away!