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December Wine of the Month Club

While everyone else pigs out this holiday season (and god bless them), we thought it might be nice to give you a box that offers respite from a world inundated with cloyingly sweet candy and rich, syrupy dessert wines. Yes, those celebratory edibles are certainly a treat we indulge in this time of year, but we also think it’s a great time to really splurge on items of such utter elegance and refinement, you wouldn’t think of treating yourself to them any other time of year. From earthy Malvasia Nera and steely Chablis to the refined bouquet of flowers in Big Picture Farm’s hard aged goat tomme, there’s plenty of thought-provoking stuff to be had here. But because we can’t completely ignore the season, we also included a bangin’ sparkler and a locally made apple butter that gets surprising help from black pepper, cardamom, and maple syrup. We hope this box gives you some balance in an otherwise whirlwind month. See you in 2015! Continue reading

Running On MEMTea

I have to admit something. It’s a fact about myself that I don’t willingly share because of how often it is received with stares of distrust or questioning of my sanity. But in order to write this post I have to be honest, so here goes:

I don’t like coffee.

Phew, OK, I said it. I know what you’re thinking, how can I work at American Provisions and not like coffee?? It’s true, we are well known for our coffee program at AP, and I, like anyone else, receive great joy after foaming the perfect latte or pulling a beautifully timed espresso shot. It’s also true that when my boss found out about my aversion to coffee, he might have seriously contemplated firing me on the spot. I know you all love coffee and I support that! But I am here to stand up for the underdog of hot beverages, the too often forgotten and sidelined drink: tea.


Chamomile flowers, Moroccan Mint, & Rooibos Decorated                              [photo by Caley Mahoney]

At American Provisions we strive to sell quality products, which is why I can confidently begin my defense for tea with the strong example of MEM Tea Imports. Locally based in Watertown, Massachusetts, MEM Tea has been providing high quality loose leaf tea to restaurants & shops since 1999. We sell a wide selection of their teas, many of which they custom blend to create unique interpretations of the varieties they import from major producers like China, Japan, India, & the Middle East. The MEM teas that we sell come packaged in elegant tea tins, each with an explanation of the type, as well as essential information like optimum brewing temperature and time for each tea. Continue reading

The 2014 American Provisions Gift Guide

We can officially stop pretending we aren’t ready yet when Bing Crosby’s croon comes on the radio, because the month we wait for all year is finally here!

Hopefully you survived whatever giant sales you took part in this weekend—whether you prefer the FOMO stress of Cyber Monday, or the war games of Black Friday, you are on the other side of it now. All that’s left is filling in the holes between flat screens and Xboxes with thoughtful, unique choices your friends and family don’t know they need. That is where we come in.

You can view last year’s gift guide for additional ideas, but here we will focus mostly on new giftable products we’re excited about (with a few familiar favorites tossed in). Hopefully you can find something for everyone on your list—even if your family doesn’t know the difference between a chocolate truffle and a truffle mushroom, everybody loves to eat. Wake up their inner foodie with some of these treats! Continue reading