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September Beer & Wine of the Month Club

We always get a little emotional when we see the first “Back-to-School” displays in stores, or articles on the newsstands. It’s a strange nostalgic mix of remembering how different each fall felt as a kid, knowing that another summer has gone by too fast, and as a New Englander, anticipating the upcoming symphony of colors on the trees. It isn’t entirely a bad feeling—but it’s poignant, stirring, wistful. Maybe we’re just too sentimental, but it’s a watershed moment at which we love to pause and reflect on both past and future.

photo 2 (1)To celebrate this turning point, we’ve assembled a Back to School box for you, full of a few teaching moments, homages to simpler times, and some esoteric products that win you over in time (think of all those books you hated reading in high school and love now). Peanut butter & jelly take a gourmet turn, an uncommon cheese is made user-friendly, and some organic, biodynamic wines and one-off brews challenge our interpretation of classic styles. So dive in, note-taking is optional, and your only homework is to taste it all. And best of all—there will be no test! Continue reading

Hop Harvest 2014

photo-46What you have here, is essentially a love song to Peak Organic Brewing & Blue Heron Organic Farm. But it’s disguised as a recap of their annual Hop Harvest event, so just play along, ok?

Each year for the past 3-4 years (no one can seem to remember exactly, maybe due to the boozy nature of the event), Peak & Blue Heron have co-hosted a hoe-down that is pretty much the best. Their annual Hop Harvest began when Peak was looking for more local organic hop farmers to use for their 100% organic beers, and Ellery of Blue Heron had just started experimenting with growing hops for use in her own homebrews. Continue reading