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Grillo’s Comes to AP / AP Goes to Grillo’s

photo-41A long time ago, before restaurant menus started boasting brine in every appetizer, before the food world fell mouth-over-heels for pickles (and before Portlandia made fun of us for it), Travis Grillo had a crazy idea.

In 2008, the founder of the now-ubiquitous Boston-based pickle company had just endured a rather involved interview process for a job at Nike when the pickle idea came to him. Nike narrowed it down to just two candidates, and when they chose an inside guy, Travis gave the corporate world the proverbial middle finger and decided to start selling pickles out of the back of a wooden cart built by his cousin Eric. Continue reading

August Beer & Wine of the Month Club

We cannot believe it’s almost September. Where did the summer go? Doesn’t it feel like the polar vortex, like, just ended? If it seems like you were only just beginning to indulge in warm weather proclivities, fret not—we’ve got a box full of treats here that take basic summer tastes and kick them up another notch. We’ve all had our fair share of whites and rosés, ciders and summer beers at this point, and while we may not be ready to trade in our sandals for boots, we could all use an exciting new riff on the classic crisp, citrusy (24)

This month, we’ve got a rosé that combines all our favorite aspects of this season’s offerings; a unique & sustainable white that shares a name with one of our favorite local producers; and a daring French red with a wild side. For beers, we’ve got a sweet, cloudy Belgian that hides a shocking ABV behind a pretty smile; a cidah from Down Undah boasting the addition of tropical fruits; and a zesty hop-heavy lager that’ll take you places other lagers haven’t even heard of. For seasonal eats, this box contains a once-a-year opportunity to try sustainably-raised honeycomb; an award-winning spiced crumbly goat cheese; and salt water taffy unlike any boardwalk variety. We hope you use the contents of this month’s box to party last-hurrah style, before we start talking to you about pumpkin beers and turkey table wines.  Continue reading

An Ode to Sodium

photo 4-2

Ok, real talk—does anyone actually know if salt is bad for us? Supposedly it increases blood pressure, which apparently leads to a slew of health problems that do not sound fun. But I swear I read something recently about how it isn’t that unhealthy. Or that our risk of high blood pressure is predetermined at birth. Or that you’d need to eat Burger King two meals a day to be in real danger—not exactly cause to worry about how much finishing salt you sprinkle on your organic veggies.

Whichever one of those theories is true (…if any), we are hanging our hats on it. Because here at AP, we really like salt. Like, are stupid smitten crazy about the stuff. The crystalline white flakes top two items on our sandwich menu, we got Night Shift Brewing to put our name on their salted beer, and some of us have even been guilty of crusting lunch-time tomatoes and avocados with it (if it doesn’t crunch, it’s not enough). Lately, we’ve been bringing in way more fixes for the sodium fiend than just your standard granules. On our shelves right now, you can find products as varied as candy & ice cream, cookies & chocolate bars, beer & bagel chips that all boast a salt-centric agenda. Continue reading