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June Beer & Wine of the Month Club

People get crazy ideas in the summertime. Like, what would happen if I put ice cream in between two cookies? What if I made a game where we just throw balls at another ball? What can I do to solve the eternal June crisis: lemonade or iced tea? While it’s often thought of as a lazy time, we think the hot months are when we do our best thinking. Nothing like 90+ degree swelters to get those creative juices flowing—it’s when we put our feet in kiddie pools and set fans in front of bowls of ice. Desperation breeds ingenuity.

The bottles in our June boxes represent the experiments of summers past, with several aged beers that have been resting patiently all winter long to be uncorked beside your frozen candy bars or cherry cobblers. They showcase brewers trying something new, or taking something not so new and letting it hang out in a cellar for a few years. The wines come from vintners with big ideas—people who took an unknown region and gave it a chance, folks using lesser known grapes to make something that drinks like an old standby, growers who revamped an entire property just to do right by the environment. And for snacks we’ve got some true patio food, nibbles that will go wherever the wind takes you this summer—be it a baseball game or a magical evening of al fresco picnicking. We hope these experimental bottles will set our minds free to see what crazy ideas we can come up with this summer. Continue reading

Let’s Be Frank—AP’s Got Everything Your New England Bun Needs This Summer

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photo (2)My first summer at American Provisions, I attended a friend’s 4th of July barbecue. There were several kinds of hot dogs there—pork, beef, mixed, meatless—and the Niman Ranch Fearless Franks I brought from AP.

When it came time for everyone to throw their dogs on the fire, the others didn’t undergo much transformation from the pinky plastic appearance they’d had in their packaging. You knew they were done when they were too hot to touch, or had faint grill lines on them. The Fearless Franks, however, plumped up to at least double the size of all the others, and acquired a sizzling brick red sheen and crackling char that glistened in the sun and made the whole backyard smell rich & beefy. I’d only brought one pack of four, but the whole party was trying to get a bite of these enormous grass-fed franks. Continue reading