Monthly Archives: January 2014

Shaking Up the New Year

vscocam544-1Everyone loves a decadent night out, but after a month of indulging ourselves in every ’tis-the-season whim, we start to really crave quality time at home. We believe January is a time for breaking out dusty recipe books, fine-tuning soup skills, and generally creating opportunities for genuine quality time with the people we care about.

This is a sentiment held very dear by Eric Prum & Josh Williams, the two Brooklynites who gave our cocktail-making game a facelift this holiday season with their Mason Shaker and Shake recipe book. The two friends have been crafting drinks together since they were paired as roommates at the University of Virginia a decade ago. Recently, they took a look around the artisan cocktail culture growing around them and realized that, while much emphasis was placed on innovative “mixologists,” people weren’t making similar innovations in their home cocktail routine. Continue reading