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AP Breaks Out The Bubbly

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The clock is ticking towards New Years so it’s time to stock up on the bubbly stuff. Originally drunk only by the bourgeoisie as a status symbol due to its price and rarity, we’re happy to bring you a variety of sparkling wines that will make you feel like kings and queens without breaking the bank. Continue reading

The 2013 American Provisions Entertaining Guide

So you’re hosting Christmas this year. The tree is trimmed, holiday playlist synced up and you’ve even found that burning Yule Log channel on the TV. But while you and your elves are hard at work dressing that holiday roast, you’ll need something to satisfy those grumbling bellies between the heated rounds of Yankee Swap. Here at American Provisions, we always have visions of cheeseboards dancing in our heads. Not sure how to put one together? That’s okay—with our help you’ll be a cheese wiz in no time. Continue reading

The 2013 American Provisions Gift Guide

Thanksgiving came late this year, which means the tides of yule are carrying us to Christmas faster than we can keep up with. Feel like you’re already drowning under the weight of wish lists, wintery mixes and crazed shoppers? Luckily for you, we’ve been stockpiling a catalog of perfect presents for nearly everyone on your checklist since well before Halloween. Below, you’ll find a nearly-comprehensive index of our fallout shelter, a peak into the myriad ways you can put smiles on the faces of your loved ones this holiday season (whether or not they’re foodies).image-17

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