Monthly Archives: October 2013

Boston’s Coffee Down Under

image-1If you’ve noticed something different about our coffee the past few months, let me just say—you’re not crazy. We have made a few changes, and the trio of aficionados you have to thank for that are micro-roasting all of our beans right around the corner in Dorchester, Massachusetts at Flat Black Coffee. Continue reading

Libation of the Month Club: October Edition

We tried our darndest this month to bring you haunted boxes, but turns out it’s more difficult to find wines of the occult than you’d think. Luckily we’ve still got a few spooky tricks (and treats) up our sleeves, as well as some wines that highlight grapes best harvested in the fall. Read on to see how we’re scaring the local foodie this month!

The Beer Box

An October box rife with pumpkin beer would have been the obvious choice here, but this month is about so much more than gourds. We put colorful squash on our window ledges in October to celebrate a darkness that looms all year round. Ordinarily we fight it, but this is a time when even scaredy cats welcome fear. Continue reading