Monthly Archives: September 2013

A Visit to AP’s Pumpkin Patch

photo-26It seems like they show up earlier every year. You swear you’ve got one last beach trip left in you, until you see that orange label in the fridge at your corner package store, and it’s all over. Resistance is the first impulse, and understandably so. It isn’t just the beer snobs who turn their nose up at these squashy beacons of fall. Even if you’re one of the folks who gets googly-eyed over a cinnamon sugar rim, it’s usually with a heavy heart that we accept the arrival of pumpkin beer. Continue reading

Libation of the Month Club: September Edition

Beer connoisseurs and winos alike delight in a special kind of palate cleanse this time of year. New options open up not just in your closet (the sweater-obsessed, rejoice!) but in your cellar, your fridge and, especially, your local specialty shop. It isn’t hard to love fall when you’re living in New England, but the contents of these boxes could convert folks from either coast to get pumped for the turning of the leaves. Continue reading

An Ode to Ewes

Ok guys, time for a cheese pop quiz—what do pecorino, feta, roquefort, manchego, cabrales, abbaye de belloc, kasseri, haloumi, & roncal all have in common?

If you answered “I want to eat them all,” keep reading. And if you answered that they’re all made of yummy sheep’s milk because you already adore the ewe, it sounds like you might be interested in reading on, too.

For a good time, call these guys.

For a good time, call these guys.

See, we’re going a little crazy over sheep cheeses at the shop lately, and it isn’t just because we think they’re the best (though some of us do). The reason you’ll find more sheep cheeses on our wall right now than any other time is because of the intrinsic seasonality of this woolly ruminant. Continue reading