Monthly Archives: July 2013

5th Annual Vermont Cheesemakers’ Festival


After you pass the entrance gate at Shelburne Farms, a certain suspension of disbelief becomes utterly necessary. As the road winds along, alternating between pavement, dirt, & gravel, the sheer wealth of the color green hits you hard while pristine yet ancient mansion barnhouses appear around each bend. Just as you’re trying to snap a photo of a row of cows in shady stalls that you swear are smiling, the dense rows of jade green summer foliage give way to a shimmering body of water that starts just feet from the road, with a simple row of pebbles where a beach would be. That body of water is the Shelburne Bay off of Lake Champlain, and despite sensory evidence to the contrary, this place is very real. Continue reading

Libation of the Month Club: July Edition

As always, we’re thinking inside the box this month with our beer & wine of the month club. Only this time we had a slightly different box in mind–your porch. Whether it’s a big wrap-around, a rooftop deck, or just a shared fire escape, this month’s collection is full of fun edibles best enjoyed in a rocking chair, preferably with a soft breeze ruffling your hair.

In gathering this selection, we were inspired by the spirit of the American south. Below the Mason-Dixon line, they aren’t phased by a mid-summer swelter, and we encourage you to adopt the same attitude this July. Fire up the grill to experiment with a northern Alabama classic barbecue sauce, fry some pickled okra, and enjoy this patriotic array of reds, whites, and rosés–or if you’re a beer boxer, just watch the bubbles of condensation drip down your icy-cold glass. They say life moves slower down South, we say summer in Southie can give them a run for their sweet tea.  Continue reading

AP Bites the Big Apple (and some big cheese)

We don’t know about you guys but our crew at AP has never been more ready to crack open a Night Shift & possibly set off illegal fireworks—and it’s not just because shop owner Andy did his annual 150-mile bike ride up the Cape this weekend.


No, the past few days have also marked our second year of participation in the Cheesemonger Invitational in Long Island City and our first year attending the New York Fancy Food Show. And because these events were just as overwhelming as they sound, I’m going to tell you guys the weekend’s highlights in a format that keeps my giddy rambling to a minimum (note that I did not promise to refrain from it altogether). Continue reading