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A Day In The Life: Bootstrap Compost

Composting–we all know it’s good for the Earth, but who wants to keep their food scraps lying around the house? Especially in the city, where not many of us have a lush garden out back where we can enrich the soil with our compost (my current yard is a patch of Astroturf, so I get it).

But there is another option out there, and it all starts with a bucket. Bootstrap Compost is Boston’s only kitchen scrap pick-up service for residents and businesses that allows for composting without the mess. Clients need only to store their food waste in a bucket provided by Bootstrap, set it outside once a week and let the team do the rest of the work! They pick up the scraps by bicycle or van and replace the bucket with a clean, shiny new one.


Bootstrap co-owner Igor explains where their beloved buckets come from.

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