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Curious About Curing


Sam Edwards III in one of his family’s aging rooms, courtesy of

“I always compare buying a mattress to buying meat. You never know til you get it home if you like it or not. You gotta attach yourself to a good brand.”

This was one of the first sentences uttered in my recent interview with Sam Edwards III, the latest in a patrilineage of ham curing experts out of Surry, Virginia who I went to with a truckload of burning (or should I say smoking?) questions about aged meats.

See, there are plenty of food snobs out there, eager to demonstrate their knowledge of stinky cheeses & rare wines, but one area that we’ve noticed leaves a lot of people in the dark is the fine art of the cure. And since our beloved friends in the Edwards family have sent us a very rare and limited release 2009 vintage Surryano ham this week (they set just 15 of them aside to age four years ago), we thought what better time to educate y’all (and ourselves) about what exactly goes into hanging a pig up to dry. Continue reading

Welcome to the Club! Our 1st Beer & Wine Boxes

Yesterday we sent out the first round of boxes to our Beer & Wine of the Month Club members, and we can’t wait to get feedback on the collection of spring flavors they contained.

Andy and box designer Sara,  posing with the finished products!

Andy and our box designer and in-house artist Sara, posing with the finished products!

These boxes are inspired by the fresh flavors making a return to our palates in May, and we’ve rounded up tastes here to represent the equinox between winter’s blustery days and summer’s long swelter. We hope these limited-edition treats are making their way into many al fresco dining experiences by now, and we also hope blog readers and club members alike will use this space to chat about their experience with thinking inside the box! Continue reading

A Day In The Life: The AP Wine Buyer


Rows and rows of bottles line the bar at The Blue Room in Kendall Square

When beer and wine arrived at American Provisions, the extent of my sommelier knowledge was pouring a glass of generic box wine into a coffee mug. But over the past month or so, as I’ve begun to taste almost daily from our collection, I’ve turned into somewhat of a budding wine enthusiast. The selection our wine buyer Joe has put together is impressive, with each wine carrying a unique story behind it. From Domaine Pelaque a vineyard who unleashes crickets upon its fields instead of pesticides, to the writer/winemaker of Bonny Doon, it can be hard to decide what to try first!

So I asked Joe, with over thousands upon thousands of varietals of grapes, so many blends and numerous vineyards to choose from, how he hand-picks which bottles reach our shelves. Continue reading